An Overview of Our capabilities

Our work is basically broken down into eight distinct areas:

     • Scene Work
     • Evidence Inspection, Analysis, and Storage
     • Reports and Testimony
     • Fire Testing
     • Fire and Explosion Related Design and Analysis
     • Outside Laboratory Services
     • Computer Modeling and Drawing
     • Special Projects and Other Services

Tracing a Water System

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Scene Work

FireLink, LLC provides primary analysis and engineering support by employing sound analytical techniques to best understand the event that occurred through:

     • Fire scene analysis (building & vehicle)
     • Origin and cause determination
     • Smoke and fire spread analysis
     • Determination of alarm failure
     • Sprinkler or other suppression system failure (both in the event of a fire and in the absence of a fire)
     • Large loss processing (such as warehouses)
     • Arc mapping & machine operation/controls
     • Explosion investigations
     • Scene documentation, through photos, notes, drawings or other necessary media

Evidence Inspection, Analysis, and Storage

Evidence inspections either supporting existing inhouse projects or as a separately contracted service:

     • At remote sites FireLink, LLC brings the tools necessary to perform the work
     • Equipped workshop to support & document methodical evidence tear-downs
     • On-site environmental-controlled storage

Reports and Testimony

Rendering concise, accurate reports and testimony provide a view of the evidence and events to sufficiently describe the points at issue:

     • Oral reports to clients in person and via internet presentation services
     • Written reports upon request
     • Deposition testimony
     • Hearing/Trial testimony

Fire Testing

FireLink, LLC can perform limited heat transfer work in its workshop, but has arrangements with other labs for additional capabilities:

     • Small-, mid-, and large-scale testing design and execution at the WPI Fire Lab
     • Arranging standard tests
     • Creating test programs

Fire and Explosion Related Design and Analysis

FireLink, LLC can provide assistance with design services in a number of areas:

     • Building design for code compliance
     • Performance Based Design (PBD)
     • Performance Based Analysis (PBA)
     • Reviewing system processes to ensure safety
     • Equipment and machine design for safety
     • Assistance with understanding the technical requirements for developing safe warnings
     • Hazard analysis & area classification

Outside Laboratory Services

Frequently, outside laboratories are necessary to provide materials analysis, high-magnification microscopy, X-rays, or similar services:

     • Arranging and interpreting X-ray services, such as SEM, EDS, real-time X-ray
     • Microscopy
     • Materials analysis

Computer Modeling and Drawing

Collect data and implement computer models:

     • Field Modeling – Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) and Smokeview visualizations
     • Zone Modeling – Fire And Smoke Transport (FAST)
     • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

Special Projects and Other Services

FireLink, LLC has developed a number of additional services to support analytical work and related activities:

     • Low-magnification digital microscopy (up to 92X Dino-Light) with electronic delivery
     • Wide-format printing (up to 44 inches)
     • 1- & 3-phase electrical testing up to 480 volts with instrumentation: oscilloscope, multi-meters, temperature, etc.
     • Mock-up and building capabilities
     • Scene and inspection equipment including generators, lights, tools, etc.
     • Fire modeling and forensic instruction
     • Research programs, including: literature searches, data/database

Note: Some items include references to the use of outside services in addition to FireLink, LLC.