FireLink personnel have performed many analyses ranging from design and hazard assessments to forensics and fire origin and cause determination. In addition, FireLink, LLC has worked to analyze systems such as automatic fire sprinkler, smoke, heat, and fire detection and unique or one-of-a-kind analyses for a specific project.

Goal for Service

The key to FireLink, LLC analytical work is to connect, or "link," the fire and explosion analysis to the events which either have occurred for forensic work or have the potential to occur for hazard analysis or design considerations. FireLink, LLC personnel use fire dynamics tools and analytical and engineering methods to make the sequence of events and understanding of those events accessible to people whose main purpose is not engineering. Simiarly, FireLink, LLC attempts to broaden the scientific, engineering, and forensic professions through continued analysis, papers, and presentations.


FireLink, LLC's personnel frequently lead fire or explosion scene examinations. This work often involves: performing scene examinations; coordinating activities of multiple parties; coordinating activities of multiple special experts; performing evidence inspections and examinations; documenting fire scenes with photographs, notes, and drawings; performing or directing fire testing; or performing computer fire modeling or other analysis.

FireLink, LLC's personnel may be called upon to assist in design projects usually in the areas of risk and hazard assessment such as determining the likelihood of fire spread for a particular fire scenario. These activities may include engineering analysis, testing, or computer fire modeling.